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App Type

Core features

Base Features: Includes menu construction, pages about us and contacts, animations, built-in animations, builds output archives on your phone and tablet. (1,000 $)

UX Design (400 $)

UI Design (300 $)

The main features used in apps

Working with the camera, recognizing the image angle (EXIF) and accessing the device's gallery (0 $)

View location with GPS to get a local service (0 $)

Routing with GPS device (0 $)

Internal database and data storage inside the device (0 $)

Work with SMS like an authentication code or send SMS with the device (0 $)

Send and receive with Wifi device (0 $)

Send and receive with bluetooth (0 $)

Use gyroscope sensor (0 $)

Remote facility for connecting the device via the Internet

Work with the remote database (write and read information from the site and the server for sharing among users) (0 $)

Send messages to the remote device (Notification Center) as in the telegram (0 $)

In-app payments (0 $)

Work with any web service (like sending SMS) (0 $)

Internalization of some commonly used equipment on the device

Web browser without leaving the app (0 $)

Image gallery with zoom view (0 $)

Film gallery with domestic video playback (0 $)

Some useful services

Publish to the Appstore or Google Play (0 $)

The user management section includes registration, editing, password forgetting (0 $)

A simple store includes product group definition, product insertion, and price (0 $)

Web App Control Panel (0 $)

Perform special and specialized calculations (0 )

second language (0 $)

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Invoice amount: 1,700 $ 

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