Android & Iphone FAQ

What orders are accepted?

All orders related to the Android app and iPhone app from the graphic design stage to the connection with the server and the web system will be in this collection.


Is all programming done in the same department or should it have done any part?

All sections of a project, including graphic design, are designed by the designer to the programming, set up and whatever your collection needs, and this is one of our advantages. Many programming companies have poor graphics power, or they can only produce Android apps and do not have the ability to create an Apple iPhone app or launch a web-based system.



UX Professional Design, UI, Mobile App by Design Studio

The company prepares the entire process of the application graphics in a dedicated design studio and runs it after approval. The design of the app's logo, motion animation and visual effects and optimization for running the app on a variety of mobile devices and tablets are somehow distinguishable to others.


Mobile app designed to connect to the company's internal network?

Yes. This work has already been done and this set of technical knowledge for setting up the internal network. For example, we can design an app for you and write an automation program for your company and connect them through the network.


Mobile app designed to connect to the web site?

Yes, for example, you can have a store that will display information from customers through your website through your website, and you will only have to insert products from your admin panel.


Can I order the Android app and iPhone simultaneously with Dynamic Site or Windows software?

Yes, there is specialization necessary for producing the Android app, Apple iPhone, web systems and programming under Windows, and launching the server and delivering it in this suite and you do not need any third party.

Is it possible to send SMS and Notification?

Notification is done on both mobile operating systems (GCM and APNS) and is one of the few startup companies in this area.



Can I buy a bank through the app?

Yes, you contract with the bank and provide it to us, and we will pay you through the internal browser.


Technical Information Design for Android Mobile Apps and Apple iPhone:

The design and programming of Android apps and iOS is Native.
Run programs in a variety of devices of any size and shape.
The apps are written from the start-to-finish point in this suite and are fully customizable.
Generally, programming for Android 5 is up and Apple iPhone 9 is up.




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