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Main Features

Basic facilities: Includes site implementation, initial installation, site insert, menu insertion, professional content search, file management, user and registration section, site editor section. (500 $)

Mega Menu-modern multi-column menus that you can categorize with any image and format you want.(0 $)

6 month free tech support(0 $)

What is the limited number of pages on your site? (0 $)


I need to buy a domain.(0 $)

I need to buy host(0 $)

Design a separate mobile site version for any language(0 $)

Site languages(0 $)

Site Design and Graphics Features

If you would like your site to be ready by the Design Studio Design Company(300 $)

Gallery page (pictures, videos and sound)(0 $)

SlideShow: SlideShow is a moving image above the site. The simple difference with the professional is that in a professional way, there is the ability to add text and image layers to each image, plus a slide-out to have full screen capability on any monitor.(0 $)

Customer Relationship Features

Site Form Maker: With the help of this module, you can create forms, such as hiring, contacting, subscribing and ... on your site, which will be sent to your favorite email. How to respond to the form and the number of highly professional and flexible questions(0 $)

A charting capability survey(0 $)

Subscribe to the newsletter on the site(0 $)

Splash Pop Up(0 $)

Insert Social Media(0 $)

Some functional features

News and Events (0 $)

Site countdown(0 $)

Questions and Answers with the possibility to categorize and search for specific questions and answers(0 $)

View rotational images for displaying logos, products, products and images and news on the site( 0 $)

Comment and Like module on the site(0 $)

Weather modules(0 $)

Price List Module(0 $)

Insert graphic graph types on each page of the site(0 $)

Testmonial(0 $)

SEO Services

Insert a Google Map(0 $)

Google analytics(0 $)

Introducing your site to search engines Google + Yahoo + Bing(0 $)

SEO services on site pages(0 $)

Online Shopping Services

The store includes shopping cart, product search, sales, showcases and more Product management includes product categories, specification insertion, price insertion and rating(0 $)

The store includes shopping cart, product search, sales, showcases and more...(0 $)

Online payment on accelerated network(0 $)
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